When I want to show someone I love them, it feels like the most natural thing in the world to whip up something delicious in the kitchen. I’ve always baked, finding comfort and joy in elevating simple ingredients and turning them into something that brings a smile. In fact, it was my baking that first caught my husband’s attention when we worked together many moons ago! So, it’s an immense pleasure to be able to spend my days creating beautiful, flavourful cakes and macarons. Your wedding cake is an expression of your love story in edible form, and I put skill, artistry and a whole lot of heart into everything that leaves my kitchen.


Creating a wedding cake for you that tastes as glorious as it looks is my ultimate priority. To do this well is a bit of a balancing act, involving a range of processes and skills, and I’m deeply invested in every stage.

I love the sourcing of your ingredients, spending time researching the best producers who can provide ripe fruits like bright little jewels, golden yolked eggs from happy hens or pale, creamy, freshly churned butter. I love honing and developing my recipes, creating new flavour combinations and intensely flavoured curds, jams and conserves using techniques I learned in the sunny south of France. I love the mixture of creativity and precision that’s needed for the decorating stage, and can happily lose myself for hours at a time forming delicate petals, stems and buds from sugar while blasting my ‘feel good’ Spotify playlist!


Most of all, I love having the chance to get to know you and hearing your stories. Your wedding cake design will develop based upon your style, your personalities and the dreams you have for your wedding day. Join me at my studio in Hampshire for a cup of tea, some freshly baked tasters and a chat about the things that make you tick, and together we’ll see which ideas start to blossom.